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Talk Thirty To Me (March 2017)

Dating in Your 30s: Why You Should Date “More than One” to Find “The One”

It’s widely known that millennials and generations younger are getting married later. The reasons have been speculated all over the internet – abundance of options, focus on career, Tinder, etc. While there is a population that would rather wear their bachelor/bachelorette status over a wedding ring, many still are looking for “the one.” Read at TTTM

Modern Chic Mag (Jan 2017)

Don’t Play Hard to Get. Play Honest.

As someone who’s followed my heart, worn it on my sleeve, and had it broken many times, I get a lot of dating advice. In fact, it’s pervasive, especially since I’m “still single.” Though well-intentioned, I can’t help but feel ashamed for the decisions I’ve made in the name of love. Is my intuition completely shot? Or are my friends, Reddit, and Askmen.com all wrong? Read at MCM


Modern Chic Mag (Nov 2016)

The Weird Sign You’re On the Right Path

You know the story.  Forces aligned, it was a combination of good timing and hard work, and now you’re receiving that award or writing that book dedication thanking family and friends: “I couldn’t have done it without you.”  And it’s true.  You couldn’t have done it without them.  You needed them, but not in the way you think. Read at MCM

Project Girl Crush (Nov 2016)

Your First Nude Photo Shoot: What to Know Before You Go

I recently did an artistic nude photo shoot with a talented photographer and now friend of mine.  At the end of it, he asked me what was most surprising about the experience. I couldn’t articulate it at the time, but as I thought about it more, I discovered it was the profound realization that beauty really is only skin deep. Read at PGC

Bustle (June 2016)

5 Surprising Perks of Resting Nice Face

When the term “resting bitch face” had its cultural moment, I laughed along. But could never really relate, because I have always had the opposite problem: Resting Nice Face (RNF).  Similar to Resting Bitch Face, RNF refers to a person whose face naturally seems to convey a certain emotion, even when they think they’re looking relaxed and expressionless. Read at B

Grunge N’ Art (April 2015)

Sweet Boy Lost (Haiku)

Unbuckle my shoes
and put flowers in my hair
like you did before.

This was one of the poems / art pieces published in Grunge N’ Art’s bi-monthly print magazine.  They printed three of my pieces.  View / Order