My Network

Having worked in web content production for almost 10 years, I’ve partnered with so many people, and the thing that separates the talented from the amazing is ATTITUDE. Below is my network who I consider the best of the best because we’re like-minded: hardworking, kind, positive, and creative. These are professionals in their respective fields that I have found joy in working with and hope to again and again. Feel free to reach out to them for any of your projects as well.


Arlene Guerra – Personal Branding For Stylists & Online Fashion Biz Owners


Meet Arlene Guerra – I can’t say enough great things about this woman. She’s launched her own business as a brand coach for those trying to feel their way through the growing Fashion Stylist & Fashionpreneur world. If you’ve wondered how to pinpoint and present your personal style and are struggling to stand out among the noise, get in touch with her. Fashion isn’t known for being the “kindest” of industries, but Arlene is just that – in addition to straight-forward, creative, and intuitive. This is someone you want in your coaching corner.



Below is a list of favorite LA based photographers and images from the shoots we collaborated on. Their skill is apparent, but most importantly the process  was great because of their creativity and positive attitudes.

Melissa Kobe

Gina Cella

Dustin Giallanza

Sammy Siharat



My business partner and I worked with David Richardson to feature hyper-creative, Francis Kenneth, and his multitude of talents. We all agreed that video would be the best medium to convey this renaissance man, and David captured him in a way that was genuine, dynamic, and unforced – everything you’d want in a great video. We worked together on a one-day shoot, but David’s portfolio is full of his best work.