How much do you charge?

Because each client’s needs are different, I charge on a sliding scale based on the scope of your project. It is impossible to fit your brand and experience into a “package deal”, and I only want you to pay for what is going to work for your goals. Start with a free consultation, and we’ll set up pricing from there.

What is a Web Content Producer? What exactly do you do?

Unlike more concrete titles, such as firefighter or lawyer, the web content role varies depending on the needs and structure of the client. Generally speaking, a Web Content Manager (or Producer) is responsible for generating and updating content on a website. I go more in depth on the various “hats” of this role on my blog.

My focus is on creative content, which is shown through my writing and design. I specialize in simple, easy-to-navigate websites with a creative and concise voice. If you are looking for a lot of specialized functionality I’ll be honest, I do have contacts that I am happy to share, but I’m probably not the right fit for you.

Can’t I just build my website myself?

Absolutely! There are tons of great website builders out there (many of which I use). However, building a website does take time – possibly time you don’t have especially if you’re juggling a business, a family, LIFE. I have almost 10 years of experience and have done the research so you don’t have to. Even if you’ve started your site already, I can help make tweaks and changes, migrate it, or completely re-imagine it … get in touch with me to talk more!