Your online presence often makes a statement before you do.

Through engaging web design and copy, I keep your site fresh, creative, and cohesive with your brand always at the forefront.

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Website Portfolio

Westridge School

Led re-design of school website in collaboration with Final Site. Built matching portal for parents based on community feedback and direction.  Currently maintaining site by creating video, taking photographs, and writing web content for site news and social media. Improved upon dynamic calendars to allow for text and email alerts. Westridge

The Freck

Launched online menswear consignment business from concept to design, development and implementation. Created all branding and built entire website, including shopping cart and email marketing campaigns. Managed photo and video shoots, conducted Q&A with fashion personalities, and wrote feature articles. TheFreck

California Pizza Kitchen

Managed online employee portal and created engaging content for 200+ restaurants / employees. Used web platform to communicate internally, foster a sense of community, and highlight achievements. Helped transition from current to new intranet including systems migration, training, and new process communication. Calibrate

American Apparel

Worked with web designers and developers to create and implement banners, e-blasts, and other large-scale promotions in as many as in seven different languages, across ten countries worldwide. Coordinated, QA’d, and sent email blasts reaching over 1M subscribers internationally. AmericanApparel


Created all images and written content, managed email distribution, and monitored feedback. Devised and implemented digital marketing campaigns to increase site traffic. Generated blogs, review sites, newsletters, and web banners to promote online partnerships. Frizzy2Silky

Mediamax Online

Used CMS and SQL database to organize and maintain detailed library of over 1M collected articles and videos, in digital and hard copy format. Supervised production staff of 25+ to ensure accurate and timely delivery of interactive daily publicity report accessible over a variety of digital formats. MediaMax Online

Writing Portfolio

Project Girl Crush

Your First Nude Photo Shoot: What to Know Before You Go

I recently did an artistic nude photo shoot with a talented photographer and now friend of mine.  At the end of it, he asked me what was most surprising about the experience. I couldn’t articulate it at the time, but as I thought about it more, I discovered it was the profound realization that beauty really is only skin deep.


5 Surprising Perks of Resting Nice Face – When the term “resting bitch face” had its cultural moment, I laughed along. But could never really relate, because I have always had the opposite problem: Resting Nice Face (RNF).  Similar to Resting Bitch Face, RNF refers to a person whose face naturally seems to convey a certain emotion, even when they think they’re looking relaxed and expressionless. People with RNF appear approachable, and smile without meaning to.

Thought Catalog

5 Things Every Ambitious Woman Learns When She Starts Her Own Business – My business partner and I started a menswear site a little over a year ago. Are we a success? Not yet. Has it been worth it? Hell yes. These are the things I’ve learned that have made this experience rich regardless of how much we make. 1. You Level Up Starting a business means you are always networking to find people who benefit your company and vice versa.


Grunge N’ Art

Sweet Boy Lost (Haiku)

Unbuckle my shoes
and put flowers in my hair
like you did before.

This was one of the poems / art pieces published in Grunge N’ Art’s bi-monthly print magazine.  They printed three of my pieces.  View / Order


It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Kristen Lem as a Creative Content Producer. Kristen and I worked together at American Apparel where she managed multiple projects and aided in the development of those projects. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Kristen. She is not only honest and reliable, but she is also incredibly hard-working. Kristen is always ready to tackle any problem head on with strategy and confidence. Her management skills exceeded expectations on every project. She also has a solid understanding of Adobe Photoshop, allowing her to partake in the creative development of those projects as well. She is truly a team player and really brings out the best in her co-workers. Kristen brightens any room she’s in with her approachable demeanor and positive attitude. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Kristen to join any team. As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee, I know that she will be a huge asset to any organization.

Ashley Nicole, Retoucher/Graphic Designer at American Apparel

It is with great honor that I write this recommendation letter for Kristen Lem. I have known her for the past 5 years on a personal and professional level. On a professional level, Kristen was employed by DVS InteleStream as an Operations Manager. Kristen has excellent communication skills. In addition, she is extremely reliable and savvy with computer software. She managed to lead a group of editors through strenuous times all while keeping calm and motivating. Her sense of humor brighten the staff each and everyday.To this day, Kristen’s style of direction is still mentioned as one of the best examples of leadership.  In the years that I’ve known her, Kristen has demonstrated a keen sense for the arts. She has a fantastic collection of customized jewelry, all created by her and a wealth of knowledge in art history. I have found her to be a pleasant, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task.  Kristen is a great team player and an overall great person. She would be a tremendous asset for your company. I’m happy to provide further information if required.

Sandra Contreras, Digital Media Operator at DVS Intelestream